My Experience in the Quality Department

My name is Rodrigo Cuevas, I’m 26 years old, live in the state of Guadalajara, Jalisco and I’m an Industrial Engineer that graduated from the University of Guadalajara 5 years ago. During the last few years, I have worked for some companies in the quality department and have had two years of experience in the electronics industry, one year in the food industry (oil and soap), and have been working with a company for two years that provides third-party quality control services. On this occasion, I will share about my work experience in electronics.


I started working in an electronics company as an Intern for a period of 6 months, where we manufactured hard disk chassis for a telecommunications firm. In that project, we only handled the final assembly. The project involved:

  • Receiving all the parts that made up the frame (hard drives, cabinets, doors, rails),  
  • In the case of hard drives, we made sure that they were updated.
    • Necessary tests were carried out.
    • Verified that the serial numbers coincided with the established one.
    • Made sure that the parts had no defects such as bumps, scratches, detached labels, broken parts, etc.
    • In the case of finding a defective part, we rejected it and all the pieces had to be inspected.
    • We notified the supplier so that he was aware of the situation and took the necessary action before more similar parts arrived.

Basically I made sure that the product met all the customer’s requirements, both cosmetically and functionally, since we were the last filter in the process. Once we packed it, the pieces went directly to the customer.

The activities that I carried out there were the following: made weekly reports (DPPM, RTV), participated in MRB meetings, assigned a category to the defective material, worked together with all the departments, gemba walks (observe workstations for improvements), lead purges, verified that the supplier’s specifications were the same as requested by the customer.

In my opinion, the electronics industry is challenging, every day you can discover a new problem, and I’ll be sharing some more about my experience soon. 

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