Blown glass

Blown Glass is the artisan process of making beautiful glass objects by creating “bubbles” in molten glass.

The Process

To create these precious colorful objects such as spheres, vases, flagon, glasses, plates, chandeliers, goblets or decorative items, Mexican artisans blow air through a long metal tube to make “bubbles”, and with the help of tools, these pieces acquire a shape. For this beautiful art, artisans need very strong lungs and they’re able to mold the pieces into desired shapes with bounces, combining short and long puffs, with the rotation of the metal tube, and controlling the temperature.

This is truly an art where Mexican artisans are the protagonists throughout the production process, and they ensures to keep high quality and cosmetic details on every piece


The blown glass technique adopted an ecological slant since many artisans and manufacturers use recycled materials, this type of material comes from different container in disuse or discarded, after the bottle ended its useful life, for example; bottles or glassware in general, the material is collected from the places of consumption, crushed and then melted as if it were new material.


This form of art started in the state of Puebla in the 16th century, but throughout the years, it expanded to various places in Mexico, and now you can find this art in Baja California Sur, Jalisco, Puebla, CDMX, and Monterrey. It is a tradition that is kept alive in Mexican workshops, the pieces come to life thanks to the imagination and the skills of the artisan, and become unique pieces.

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