The manufacturing of hammocks is an art that is transmitted from generation to generation and It has been kept for centuries in Mexico.

The hammocks are hand-woven by Mexican artisans, who use cotton, nylon, and crochet thread, they are very comfortable and spacious, as well as not fading from the sun, so they are ideal for outdoors and indoors.

To talk about Mexican hammocks is talk about products of great pragmatic value, capable of offering a great rest, but also of providing style and sophistication to a home. Mexican hammocks and especially Yucatecan hammocks are excellent for their quality and durability.

The perfect accessories for hammocks are;

  • a good blanket
  • a cold drink
  • your favorite book

They can also be made with the most striking colors to the coldest, several or just one colors, they are ideal for a baby or even for a family.

In southern Mexico the weather is warm most of the year, the hammock is used daily instead of the bed, since the fabric lets air through, being the best solution against the heat.

In Mexico, they are made in states such as: Yucatán, Oaxaca, Guerrero and Campeche, and are exported to North, Central and South America, as well to Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Swinging in a hammock, hanging between two trees or in your favorite corner of the house, is the most relaxed way to rest from the hustle and bustle that the “stress” of the day imposes on us.

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