Quality Inspector (soap industry)

Hi, my name is Rodrigo Cuevas, I am 27 years old and I am an Industrial Engineer.

In this occasion I will tell you about my experience as a Quality Inspector in a company that manufactures soaps for body use and clothing. I joined this company with the position of Quality Inspector and I was there for 1 year.

The activities that I carried out were;

• Reception of raw materials (supplies, packaging, aromas, labels)
• Review critical control points
• Reject material when does not meet with the specifications
• Ensure compliance of GMP’s
• Daily reports
• Validate machines parameters
• Validate color, odor, weight and packaging during the process
• Sampling and release of finished product

Soap is a product that is used directly on the skin, so we have to be careful, since if a foreign object falls into the soap it could hurt customers. The necessary precautions must also be taken, since working with chemical products can cause burns to the skin, masks, gloves, safety glasses and boots must be used.

There we work together with the Analysts, we support with them to validate the chemical parameters, consistency, color, odor, pH, saponification, humidity, etc.

We also make edible oil at that company, I’ll talk to you about that next time.

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