Textiles in México – Oaxaca

Textile art in Mexico is a living activity, which represents both miscegenation, as well as centuries of customs, traditions and cultural cosmogony. Through its wide diversity of iconography, styles, textures and colors creatively applied in Mexican textile crafts, by weavers of the ethnic groups that inhabit every corner of the country.

Mexican textile art has centuries of history and creativity throughout the country. Thanks to this, and to a wide diversity of traditions, customs, crossbreeds and cosmogony, Mexico is recognized as one of the main countries with a beautiful artistic production in the textile world.


The textile crafts produced in Oaxaca have a wide diversity of styles due to the fact that it has the greatest ethnic wealth in the country. Although the works are made of the same materials (cotton, wool and silk), they are very different in iconography and design. In most communities, textiles are made on a backstrap loom and in some of them the winch is still used for spinning, as well as natural dyes such as cochineal, indigo and purple snail to dye the fabrics. In general, the textiles of this region are beautifully decorated with embroidery that includes various motifs, some of pre-Hispanic origin, nature and animals.

Originally, embroidery used to be done with the tip of a maguey or agave leaf; however, today, the technique has evolved with metal needle. The embroidery represents the dreams and aspirations of numerous Oaxacan indigenous groups, using the nature of the region’s valleys as inspiration.

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