The piñata

One of the most typical elements of celebrations in Mexico are the piñatas, an internationally recognized symbol of Mexican culture. It would be difficult to imagine the posadas without these colorful decorations originally made of clay, filled with seasonal fruits such as tejocote, jicama, lime, sugar cane, tangerine, orange as well as peanuts and various varieties of candies.

During winter season, it is common to see thousands of piñatas adorning the streets of Mexico, we can say that it has become a whole Mexican tradition, and currently they are part of the elements present in a celebration such as birthdays, posadas or Christmas.

Piñata symbolism:
• The seven peaks represent the capital sins: lust, gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, envy

• The bright colors symbolize temptation.

• Tinsel or brass sheets: they refer to the deceptions of the world.

• Blindfold: reminds us that faith is blind.

• Stick with which the piñata is broken: it is the strength and virtue that destroy deceptions and sins.

• Candy, fruit, peanuts and toys: these are the riches of the kingdom of heaven that are awarded as a reward for faith and perseverance.

A piñata is a clay or cardboard pot, or a wire frame covered with paper-mâché, decorated with colored paper and usually with 7 spikes, which inside contains fruits, sweets or other prizes.7

In this way the tradition of the piñata reminds us that blind faith and the volition can conquer sin and make us worthy of divine rewards.

According to tradition, people should be blindfolded before they go on to hit the piñata. They also have to rotate thirty-three times on their own axis to lose orientation and balance. The piñatas are hung from a rope at the top to be broken with a stick or pole by a person, and when it breaks, the content is released on the participants in the game. The rest of the audience forms a circle around the person and encourages them by singing the following rhymes:

¡No quiero oro, ni quiero plata,
yo lo que quiero es romper la piñata!
¡Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino,
porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino!
Ya le diste una, ya le diste dos,
ya le diste tres y tu tiempo se acabó.

Currently it is possible to get clay piñatas in different towns of the country, however it is in Acolman, State of Mexico, where every year the Piñata Fair takes place.

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