Coffee in Mexico

Mexico is one of the main coffee producers in the world, thanks to the conditions of the land, the climate and the altitude of some states, which are ideal for harvesting this bean.

Coffee in Mexico is one of the main agricultural export products, accounting for about half of agricultural exports and about 5 percent of total Mexican exports. It occurs mainly in the south-central part of the country, in the Sierra Madre del Sur and the Sierra Madre Oriental.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, coffee is grown in 14 states of the Mexican Republic. Among them, Chiapas covers 41.3% of production; They are followed by Veracruz with 24.4% and Puebla with 15.8%.

One of the favorite drinks of Mexicans is the “Café de Olla”, each family has its own recipe that basically varies from the rest due to the number of spices and the way to sweeten it – piloncillo or brown sugar -. Mexicans like milk, so there is also a strong preference for lattes and cappuccinos. Coffee with “piquete”, that is with alcohol, is another traditional preparation.

One of the states with the best coffee in Mexico is Chiapas, being the main producer of this bean nationwide. Chiapas coffee is distinguished by its freshness and balanced flavor, despite its high acidity, intense aroma and citrus notes, the result of the geographical conditions and the humid climate of this region.

The second coffee-producing state in Mexico is Veracruz, which is considered one of the best. Its characteristics are a high level of acidity, an intense aroma, spices flavor and a defined body, thanks to the climatic conditions of this state.

The coffee from the Sierra Norte region of the state of Puebla is considered one of the best in the country, with an Arabica variety and a mild flavor. However, Cuetzalan coffee is also famous for its balance in terms of flavor, aroma, acidity and body, being produced at an average altitude of 1200 meters above sea level.

I invite you to visit Mexico and try this delicious coffee by yourself.

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