Hello! Make In Mexico is a place for you to get some insights into sourcing products and manufacturing in Mexico. We’re a group of manufacturing and business professionals with extensive experience in Mexico as well as many other leading high-end manufacturing countries. We’ve been involved in Mexico’s manufacturing scene since the early 1990s and we worked with many of the world’s top American and European OEMs as they externalised production to Mexico. During that time, Mexico was one of the leading countries in low-cost manufacturing. We’ll be glad to tell you a bit more about those days and the story of Mexican manufacturing but for now, we will turn to the present.

Mexico’s flown a little bit under the radar with Asia’s dominance in low-cost manufacturing. Over the last six years though, Mexican manufacturing has experienced a resurgence due to large investments made in the advanced manufacturing sectors. There are entire generations of manufacturing professionals who have been highly educated and have brought their skills to other manufacturing destinations like China and India. Others have worked at the forefront of global supply chains and have been involved in shifting production out of Mexico and back again.

With the current extreme instability in global supply chains and logistics, Mexico has some features which may prove to be extremely advantageous for buyers whose destination markets are the US and Canada. Regionalisation and keeping supply chains as short as possible are the keys to a successful, low-risk, sourcing strategy.

We are extremely excited to share our knowledge of sourcing in Mexico and to help you with learning about the country as you start your buying journey. We wish you all the best, and please don’t hesitate to drop us any questions you might have.